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269 Stagecoach Trail (physical)

P.O. Box 1882 (mailing)

Cody, Wyoming 82414


(307) 272-0782

: : Ground Clinics

: : Basic Horsemanship/Trail Horse Clinics

: : Advanced Horsemanship Clinics

: : Advanced Trail Clinics

: : Working Cow Horse Clinics

(details for each clinic are listed below.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.)

Clinic Coordinator:

Gary Cooper


Clinic Payments-

Make Checks Out To:

Gary Cooper Performance Horses

Mail Checks To:

Gary Cooper

P.O. Box 1882

Cody, Wyoming 82414


Deposit is non refundable unless clinic is cancelled. We will gladly credit your account if you

are unable to attend. 

We have worked very hard to develop a clinic program that is affordable and appeals to riders of all levels. We want to increase your enthusiasm for the sport by helping you and your horse achieve a partnership that will make you look forward to riding your horse, so that you will find time to do it and enjoy it. There is such joy in asking your horse to do more than you ever thought he/she could and then he/she does more. Additionally our Clinics try to supplement group support with individual attention.

Clinics are one day (generally) and start with an 8AM warm-up time. You will be welcomed with a complimentary continental breakfast (coffee and goodies) as well as the required safety waiver. Water will be furnished throughout the day. We start the lecture component promptly at 9AM.

During which each rider will state their individual goal for the day.

We break for lunch around noon and you can bring your own sack lunch or reserve a lunch when registering for the clinic and pay for it separately during lunch on the clinic day.

We put-up our horses at 4PM and end the day with a very popular discussion and snack-time to assess your progress. Every rider will be given "homework" specific to the needs of their horse. We encourage those wishing to stay to bring a snack to share with the group and your

own beverage.

- Prices Subject to Change without notice.

   Gary leading a clinic (©Gary Cooper Performance Horses).

     If you have recommended our clinics to a friend and they sign-up, we would like to thank you with 10% off the next clinic you take! Just make sure they mention your name when registering.

We look forward to seeing you at our clinics!


CLINIC COMPONENT/ACTION (check with coordinator for exact times)




Lecture going over the day's plan, Introductions, and Statement of Goals from each Participant, then mount to ride


Lunch Break (you can bring your own or reserve one before-hand)

4 or 5PM

Put horses up, Assessment and Discussion from each Participant and Individual Homework for each Participant

Email Us About Our Clinics 

 One of Gary's interns assisting a clinic participant (©Gary Cooper Performance Horses).

These are half day clinics that are suitable for young horses who need the basics on the ground as well as aged horses who need to revisit training. Something for everybody!

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.

     This clinic is designed to help the novice equine enthusiast learn about basic body control such as lateral flexion and the more advanced rider who wants a review or is schooling a green horse. We will also get out of the arena and work on common trail issues such as herd bound behavior and barn sour behavior. We will approach common trail obstacles and how to best master them by making the right thing easy for you and your equine partner. This is a fun way to make your horse all he or she can be and is a prerequisite for more advanced clinics.

Our popular Back In The Saddle Again event with an all new format. Something for everyone who wants to advance themselves and their horses.  

: : LUNCH!


: : DEMONSTRATIONS by veterinarians, leather maker/repairman, and trainers!





There are 3 levels to choose from:

1) Afoot! Come without your horse and participate in all the above and socialize with other equine enthusiasts, $30;

2) Under Saddle! Enjoy all the events with the addition of participating in a training/evaluation on your horse with Gary. He will evaluate both you as a rider and your horse and every participant will leave with a detailed written evaluation. Space limited, $60;

3) Demo Horse. We are looking for 2 horses to be involved in demo training, highlighting one in round pen and one with horsemanship. A unique training opportunity for you and your horse. Space limited to 2 horses.

Contact Gary Cooper with any questions at 307.272.0782. Date of this event tentative due to weather/road conditions Deposit is non refundable unless clinic is cancelled. We will gladly credit your account if you are unable to attend.

- Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

Email Us About Our Clinics 

*Depending on the level of horsemanship owner/rider has, we may provide more advanced techniques such as sidepassing, roll-backs, stops, etc.

Clinic Participant working on water crossing during a Horsemanship/Trail Horse Clinic (©2013 Sherrie Frame)

This clinic really puts it all together, and whether you just want to experience the fun of working a cow or plan to compete in cutting or reined cow horse events, this clinic has something for everyone. A prerequisite for this clinic would be a working knowledge of at least intermediate horsemanship. This clinic is not for a beginner or green horse. This is a fun-filled action packed clinic that starts with a brief review of horsemanship especially as it applies to roll backs and stops! We move on quickly to working the flag and live cattle. You may be asked to turn back or run cattle up the lane, we will keep you busy and smiling all day. Deposit is non refundable unless clinic is cancelled. We will gladly credit your account if you are unable to attend.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.

Email Us About Our Clinics 

Clinic Participant working a cow during a Working Cow Horse Clinic (©2013 Sherrie Frame)

Horsemanship and Mounted Shooting Clinic for the Desperado Mounted Shooting Club. If you are interested in observing and learning about this exciting and popular equine sport-you can audit these private clinics. Deposit is non refundable unless clinic is cancelled. We will gladly credit your account if you are unable to attend.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.

Email Us About Our Clinics