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269 Stagecoach Trail (physical)

P.O. Box 1882 (mailing)

Cody, Wyoming 82414


(307) 272-0782

Deposits are required at the beginning of each month and payment in full is due at the end of each month. Farrier work and veterinary expenses are the horse owner’s responsibility.

  • Up to four (4) free lessons at the trainer's discretion per month during training.
  • Any available time on schedule for follow/leg-up work will be $50.00 per ride.
  • Trainer/staff are busy in the saddle generally from 9am until noon and 1pm until 5pm + (seasonal).
  • Visitation by appointment only would be appreciated or check-in with the office staff prior. 

At Gary Cooper Performance Horses this includes ground manners, respect, basic reining maneuvers, lead departures, introduction to stops, turnarounds, proper backing, collection, and body control. The horse's training may also include outside work with trail obstacles, desensitizing, problem solving, separation anxiety and trail etiquette.

The proper foundation is the most important part of a horse's life. The first saddling and first ride can make or break the horse's thought process in the way he views the human. Does he trust you? Or, is he cautious and fearful? At Gary Cooper Performance Horses we take the utmost care, time and consideration so that each individual horse gets the start he deserves, then you the owner can earn his trust. With trust that horse's potential has no limits. There are no boundaries to where that horse will take you as a partner, and partnership is what horsemanship is all about. Remember, "There is no substitute for time, patience, and consistency!" ~ Benny Guitron

During your horse's stay at Gary Cooper Performance Horses each horse has his own individual 40x80 foot pen with a large windbreak, heated waterers, free choice white salt and feeding 3 times daily. We provide indoor pens during extreme weather conditions, and weatherproof blankets if needed. We have a mobile veterinary service who visits our facility at least 2 times monthly. And a local equine surgery center only 20 minutes away. We treat every horse here like part of the family, so we hope you choose us to board and train your equine loved ones.

All horses allowed upon the premises must be confirmed to be

- and remain - up to date on all vaccinations. Out-of-state horses must have a 6 month negative Coggins Test result to be admitted. Please have all proper paperwork for confirmation on-hand.

Training Query? Email Us





(includes boarding)




(see description at side)

$1,050 for first month

$800 for same horse's second month

$700 for same horse's third month

$495.00 (indoor)*

$265.00 (outdoor)*

Colt Starting

(see description at side)

$1,200 for first month

After 30 days pricing falls under Horsemanship price per month

$495.00 (indoor)*

$265 (outdoor)*

 Training Horses

on Cattle


$495.00 (indoor)*

$265 (outdoor)

Flag or Without Flag

Private: $75.00 Per Hour

Semi Private: $45.00 Per Hour

Groups (3 or More): $35 Per Hour

6 Private Lessons or More Per Month: $70.00 Per Hour.

*Indoor Boarding definition:

Indoor Stall with Large Turnout Pen and includes in-stall shavings, heated waterer, daily cleaning, daily feeding and access to white salt block.

*Outdoor Boarding definition:

Large Turnout Pen and includes heated waterer, daily feeding, access to white salt block and a wind break. (Winter blanket provided if necessary).

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Horsemanship skills being utilized during our 2016 annual Ranch Horse Competition.

Gary helping a horse navigate and overcome fear of a trail obstacle - water crossing.